Excursion to the dragon caves of Porto Cristo Featured

Half-day trip with a visit to the dragon caves of Porto Cristo.Half-day trip with a visit to the dragon caves of Porto Cristo.

The Dragon Caves are one of the most visited attractions on Mallorca.
This is one of the largest caves in Europe, the length of 2400 m.
Tourist route in the cave is about 1,200 meters.

At the end of the cave is a subterranean lake Martel, named after its discoverer.
Visitors can enjoy a classical concert, which takes place since 1935 expected.

After visiting the caves, the tour takes in the town of Porto Cristo,
here there is a short stop on the coast.

The last point of the tour is a visit to the town of Manacor Mahorika factory,
which produces the popular Majorcan brand - Pearl Majorica.

Return to the hotel around 14:00

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